Company Profile

Company nameZaher Meskinyar Ltd
Date of creation2006
Main productGlassware items
Branch Locationskabul, Qandahr, Hetrat, mazar-e-sharif, nengarhar
Company D zahir meskinyar ltd is a part of sarwar meskinyar ltd founded in 1977 we are a corporation with a long history in the heart of kabulĀ  most busy and whole sale market

zahir meskinyar ltd is one of the leading import and export company of Afghanistan our head office is in Kabul, Afghanistan the company key executives are well known personalities of Afghanistan the company CEO has 31 years business experience national and international sector.

Zahir meskinyar ltd is fully equipped with qualified and experienced staff in brief we have developed a very good reputation and an image by ensuring on time in perfect delivery to the client and a mutual business relationship with the manufactures.

Sarwar meskinyar ltd was dealing with two of France most famous manufacturer glassware companies, the ( Duralex international sas ) and (arc international middle east)

In the time of miseries and war sarwar meskinyar ltd has opened a branch office in Peshawar Pakistan and stared their activities from Pakistan dealing with (j.g drand and cie) and (duralex interntion sas) France manufacturer

Sarwar meskinyar ltd started activity in 2003 in Kabul Afghanistan by the time Afghanistan entered into a vital phase of reconstruction and rehabilitation after the miseries of almost 25 years the leadership of the company felt the necessity of honesty and sincere ness.

in 2006 we opened another company ( zahir meskinyar ltd) now zahir meskinyar ltd is the well-known importing company in the region we had a very smooth and mutual trade relation with duralex international sas for long time and now for the time being they have appointed us as there execlusive sole agent for their product in afghanistan.

we are the exclusive sole agent for duralex glassware products in afghanistan this is the pride for our ceo for his continues struggle and hardworking toward the company.

at present the company handles all afghanistan for the duralex product which is very famous all over the world.

the company has branches and warehouses in all major provinces of Afghanistan, including kabul ,herat, kandahar, nengarhar, mazar sharif .